Thursday, February 2, 2012

Fun Casino Hire For Weddings

Some advice on choosing your wedding entertainment from Steve Bancroft, Event Co-ordinator, Events Casino, Mobile Fun Casino Hire:

Your wedding day is the coming together of two families, many of whom will be complete strangers. Therefore the reception should be geared to making things easy for everyone to get to know each other. A problem at most weddings is that a disco or a live band, as the sole source of entertainment for your guests, does not provide the ideal environment to encourage interaction and conversation. Our Fun Casinos provide your guests with the perfect ice-breaker, bringing people together around the gaming tables where they will laugh and mix spontaneously in a uniquely entertaining way.

Very often a couple fail to realise that quite a large percentage of the guests are going to be elderly and probably won't care much for loud music. Fun Casinos can be set up in a side room away from the loud music. This can offer a relaxing an entertaining interlude for those guests wishing to take a break from the dance floor.

Fun Casino Entertainment can be an exciting surprise for guests and a great way to pass the time during the cocktail hour, while the bridal party is taking pictures or after the speeches when there is traditionally a lull in the day before the evening musical entertainment. Professional casino tables and dealers are becoming an increasingly popular and stylish option that can provide a sophisticated, glamorous alternative to the traditional reception format.

When your guests think back to your wedding day it is often the quality of the entertainment that they remember. Fun Casinos are an opportunity for you to give something extra to your guests that they often will have never experienced. When you look back on weddings that you have attended how many people can say that they remember the disco or band? Guests often have so much fun at Fun Casino tables that they will be talking about their luck at the tables for months!

Fun Casino staff should deliver and assemble the equipment quietly and quickly. They can tailor your Casino experience to your requirements. The prominence of the Casino at your Wedding reception is your choice. You may prefer the tables to be positioned discreetly in a side room providing the option of a quieter, more sophisticated area of entertainment. You may wish to maximise your Casino theme, whereby the whole reception entertainment is themed around the Casino element. You could compliment your Casino theme with James Bond cut outs and personalised banners and props.


It is a legal requirement that your Fun Casino Hire Company is covered by Public Liability Insurance. Any responsible company would be covered against accidents. This is vitally important should something happen, such as a piece of equipment injuring someone attending your reception. Before engaging the services of any Wedding Entertainment service, make sure they are adequately insured. Ask to see a copy of their policy certificate. Entertainment Liability insurance is expensive and many small businesses fail to provide this essential cover.


It is strongly advisable that you get a written agreement from your Fun Casino Hire Company. If you get a contract, this will give you a legal guarantee that they must attend your wedding. Be sure to read the small print on any booking form or contract and ask them what happens if they are taken ill or have equipment failure on the night.
Ensure you have sufficient contact details for the Casino Manager. A mobile phone number will not suffice. Insist that you have a full postal address and a land line telephone.


Many Fun Casino companies use the word "professional" to describe their tables, dealers and service. From my experience this is a clich that is thrown around lightly and should not be applied to many operators! ...Cheap, home made Casino tables, scruffy, poorly trained dealers with bad attitude. These are things you do not want at your Wedding Reception! Even dealers that have received genuine training do not necessarily have the personality that makes them suitable to work in the Fun Casino industry!

Before booking your Fun Casino company, insist that they email you pictures of the actual casino tables you can expect from them at your wedding. Some fun casino operators use cheap, home made tables with scaffolding poles for legs! Ripped, stained cloths and bumpers are commonplace amongst some of the cheaper fun casino operators.

Make sure you can see the quality of the tables in detail before handing over your deposit! Ask to see testimonials from their clients.


Fun Casino Dealers should not be loud, overbearing or intolerant of inexperienced, Casino novices. They shouldhave trained and worked in real casinos and this experience will show in the way they conduct themselves at the tables and how they interact with your guests. Fun Casino Dealers should be selected a combination of skill, personality, adaptability, smart appearance and overall suitability for working in a Fun Casino environment.

Steve Bancroft is the Event Co-ordinator at Events Casino Fun Casino Hire, based in South Wales for more information.



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good advice...we could have used some more thought when we did ours...

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