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The crisis of network music industry - Business - Small Business

From 1999 the snow village "northeast all live thunder feng", China's network began to music through more than 10 years of development has become a People's Daily life is a very popular culture content. Internet music not only increased music mode of transmission of diversity, but also changed the music culture development mode, affect the music market consumer behavior.

But since, China's network music market has always be in not hit of the state gave embarrassing. Although a large number of users, but because DaoLian piracy seriously, excellent network music content supply as well as standard, relative lack of clear, mature business model difficulty in forming the music web site late, and musicians to trying to get just reward and rights is brutally hard.

Network music market how to regulate? How in the industry under the condition of nearly depression as soon as possible a explore the effective commercial mode?

June 8, in order to common interests and industry development and prosperity of the benign many domestic famous record companies and music web site representatives in the network music department of the ministry of culture coordination sit to together, and in ShiChangSi ministry of culture, under the guidance of sponsored by common network music industry development league a pre-contract agreement. A rolling stone gathers mobile, ocean butterfly music and record company, sina, baidu, tencent 13 websites and mobile operators as one of the first three league member unit, the common sign the "network music industry development declaration," promises to work together to promote the industry of the original, and through the active coordination and communication, and build a reasonable content license mode, product pricing model and distribution of interests, and promote the healthy development of industry organization.Copyright protection value back

360 million-this is in 2010, music online user, the overall size of every five in the netizen has 4 is network music users. For any musician is concerned, it is a more muffled big cake. But looking at the big cake but eat a few mouth, some even didn't smell like, really also makes many people depressed.

According to the ministry of culture of the 2010 issued by China's network music market of the annual report shows that in 2010, the copyright problem is still bothers Chinese network music development of the most major problem. Widespread piracy led to the music on the Internet of the business model of a single, profit difficulties; On the other hand, also further the free use Internet users indulge network music resource spending habits. "Every year 95% of billions of times online download is a pirate edition, final result is no stronger than its weakest link." About the damage to the industry, piracy huge whale music CEO ChenGe some helpless.

Because of piracy, network music as common network culture industry of the most frequently used form of original music, but creator and original music work was to drop, many music creators have turned in the film or other industries. The record company infringement and piracy influence by that input and output is out of the original published a new song, cause quantity decreasing year by year.

"Once a year of more than yuan of album sales decline to have now with 130 million yuan last year." As a network music content provider the representative, the sea butterfly music, music company CEO LuJian says now the biggest wish is to continue to live.

"The copyright problem is solved, the development of the industry opportunities will be limited." Vice President XieGuoMin said.

To combat piracy, improve market environment, in recent years, the ministry of culture have also increased the music market regulation of network of strength. 2010 years has shut down more than 300 home without approval in the music business network without music web site, the exposure and control a group of illegal enterprise and products. 1 this year, issued the clear about illegal music products of the announcement of the network, the first of 100 without censors or record of illegal network music products to clean up renovation. April, ministry of culture and the issued about again illegal Internet culture activities of 12 of the notice on the administrative department, asking local culture and cultural market comprehensive law enforcement agencies to 14 suspected illegal house music web site inspected and network in time. A series of measures for the implementation of the ministry of culture, cultural ShiChangSi officials said, is "to the music for the outstanding pro vide fair and open platform, encourage the creation and dissemination of excellent works".

"The government to combat piracy, improve industry environment of determination and move exciting, in fact, these measures also makes some new capital and talent began to enter the industry." ChenGe think, and establish a good living environment, make excellent original network music works continuously emerging, can promote the whole network music industry's real prosperity.Expand business model to do a big cake

And the piracy problem also seriously restrict domestic network music of the development of the market another problem is a single business model. The day's union meeting, participants who thinks generally, in actively cooperate with the government in promoting industry environment, the perfect at the same time, to the music industry will network cake, expand diversity and sustainable development of the business model is indispensable.

"A single lasted for a long time to download mode has been difficult to adapt to the development of new technology, industry development of diversified e. business model and development model." ChenGe think that the current network music industry may have 3 kinds of profit model, the first is the traditional wireless music's revenue, for example, mobile games at around wireless mobile Internet applications of all products. The second is based on the traditional PC Internet advertising model, music as the new media network, get advertising revenue. "Don't complain about advertising to make money, the American MTV sets to every year of the great advertising revenue." ChenGe introduction of the third profit model from music class game, in essence or music video, download, search, share, just set a game's hat. According to he revealed, huge whale is currently do such things, and will consider this business delivery to many in the service of the terminal.

XieGuoMin music industry is hope that through network development league, through the joint efforts of the new business model development, the user's consumption habits CongMian back to pay up the first channel. According to introducing, at present foreign successful online music sales comparison model basically has 3 kinds: single point, online booking and appreciate. Single point mode that users like which song buy what song; Reservation mode is the users to pay per month on, can download a certain number of songs; Online appreciate mode that users to pay a monthly fee, can enjoy all the songs online, download will need to pay extra. "China's Internet users base, if can solve the problem of piracy, and find the effective commercial mode, five years of domestic music network market scale do 50 billion yuan is no problem." XieGuoMin forecast said.

Strengthen the communication points good cake

In fact, the representative content provider of the record company and representatives of the music web site, channel party and operators can seek common development event, in many eyes is not easy. And it is reported, in order to extend this a few party has many contradictions of enterprise polymerization calmly discuss the problem with the ministry of culture, the cultural ShiChangSi do a lot and work, "open before and after numerous meeting at which industry chain represent different interests of party members had a very intense communication, eventually will reach a consensus, very not easy." A person in charge of the record company said, especially to help make music industry development of network alliance was established, the second half of 2010, the ministry of culture had to DuoCi will network music content provider and release channel party about together, carries on a series of negotiating and preparation.



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