Friday, March 2, 2012

The Seven Best Rock Singers Of All Time - Entertainment

I do not really claim to be an expert on vocalists or on singing. I only know what I like and that's what this list is really all about. When I use the term "greatest" or "best" I'm being somewhat tongue in cheek. This is only my list of favorite seven rock singers ever. I think the idea of any sort of definitive ranking of music or musicians is somewhat ludicrous actually. So why am I making this list? To share in the world of music appreciation. Isn't that what this is really about? I want you to take a closer listen to these singers next time you hear them so that you can appreciate them the way I do.

I want to make note that my list is not intended to be in an order of most great to 7th greatest. To make that clear I am going to list these seven great rock singers alphabetically by last name.

Liam Gallagher - Oasis would be a great band no matter who was singing their songs because Noel Gallagher writes such classic tunes. But it's Liam Gallagher's voice that takes those great songs and makes them into something truly remarkable. As far as a flat out rock singer I'm not sure there's been anyone better than Liam Gallagher over the last 15 years.

John Lennon - I'm an enormous Beatles fan so this was an easy choice for me. I don't think that Lennon was particularly technically talented as a vocalist but he did have a great voice for rock music (and for ballads.) He had a haunting kind of voice that was filled with emotion. To me that's far more important than how high of a note you can hit or any other sort of technical measurement of singing prowess. When Lennon sings I feel it. That's what counts.

Among the many great Lennon vocals are the following "Ticket to Ride," "In My Life," "A Day in the Life," "Come Together," & "Imagine." He could sing great rockers but he could also sing beautiful ballads. I do like versatility in my rock singers.

Paul McCartney - Ditto what I said above about being a huge Beatles fan. I think McCartney had (and still has to some extent) a much more technically skilled voice than John Lennon. He has a wider range. He's most well known as a singer for his balladry but what I really like about his voice is how different he can make it sound. Compare "Blackbird" to "Helter Skelter" or "Why Don't We Do It In The Road?" to "I Will." That should be an easy comparison! Heck, and that's just songs from The White Album. Paul could do it all. One of the greatest rock singers of all time.

Joni Mitchell - Perhaps listing Joni Mitchell as a "rock" singer is pushing it. I admit that. But she's my favorite female singer-songwriter and a big part of why I enjoy her music so much is her unique voice. Keep your Mariah Carey. I'll take Joni Mitchell, thanks.

Robert Plant - Plant was the perfect singer for Led Zeppelin. He is the very embodiment of a great rock n roll singer. If there was a picture of a rock n roll singer in the dictionary, I think that picture would be of Robert Plant. I also like Roger Daltrey of The Who and I think they have a similar style. But in the end I decided to choose just one of them for this list and Plant is the guy.

Elvis Presley - I'm not the biggest Elvis fan but I can (and do) appreciate him. He had a unique voice and no one else sounded quite like him (and to this day no one sounds like Elvis really. Particularly not the many Elvis impersonators.)

Thom Yorke - Yorke's voice is beautiful & haunting. The perfect voice for Radiohead's music. Would his voice work for all styles of music? I don't really think so. I think this is a case of the right voice for the right music, and that's what really matters.



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