Friday, March 23, 2012

How To Make Rap Beats - - Fancy Making Your Own Rap and Hip Hop Beats? Make Sure You Know How First! - Other

HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN RAP BEATS?---------------------------------------------------There you go, the basics on how to make beats for beginners. It is not that hard to create an OKAY sounding music track, but it is very hard to create tracks that ends up sounding like a professional beat.

SIMPLE STEPS IN MAKING A HIP HOP BEAT---------------------------------------------------You have to pan/panning your beat by having an instrument to the right (all the way that is), or to the left, and anywhere in between. You have to lay down a melody which most Hip Hop beat makers usually have trouble doing. Never distort the track and do not worry about it if it's not loud enough. Start listen to your chosen artist songs and by listening to your rap artist's song to learn more about their style of music. You have to record a four bar (pattern) first for your beat. Keep on layering throughout your beat making process. When you distort a track by mistake, be sure to check the instrument that is at the low end or check the boom (something like a bass, kick, or sub) as these tend to distort often.

HOW TO MAKE HIP HOP BEATS USING HIP HOP BEATS MAKING SOFTWARE?---------------------------------------------------Good beats out there practically are sold for 10,000 up to 500,000 dollars. With beat making software, you too can create professional sounding music just like the ones that you hear from the radio and on your CDs.

TIPS ON HOW TO BUY INSTRUMENTAL BEATS SOFTWARE ONLINE---------------------------------------------------When buying a instrumental beat, if you're skeptical about anything at all, immediately contact the producer before you make your purchase. While a mix does not necessarily have to sound perfect in that instant, since a sound engineer will then have to make the final changes when you actually mix your own vocals into the beat making software, however you should make sure that the beat is clean and that it is not too muddy or even crowded. We all know, that there's a lot of hungry scammers out there making instrumental beats.

MAKE BEATS JUST LIKE A PRO---------------------------------------------------It is always best to know more about beat making software before you get started with creating your master piece, as opposed to being clueless about it. Reading musical notes would be a plus too which will help you to become a great producer. You just have to remember that there are basically tons of options out there for you if you want to make your own top dollar beast.

WHAT SOFTWARE TO USE IF YOU WANT TO LEARN HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN RAP BEATS---------------------------------------------------The Roland's MV8800 is a amazing sampling machine that takes samplings to a new height. What makes the Roland Fantom X6 board stand out among the rest is its huge color LCD screen, not to mention its 16 drum pads which also comes in as handy not to mention you can also get expansion cards with the Fantom X6.

THE BEST AND MOST POPULAR SOFTWARE ONLINE---------------------------------------------------Who knows where you will be a year after you have started making good sounding beats with Sonic Producer, you maybe one of the hottest producers. The Sonic Producer may be the last in the list of beat making software but its definitely the best one to date.



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